Voice Lessons with Kate


Voice lessons provide one-on-one instruction and guidance for the purpose of helping students to develop a healthier, more efficient singing technique. The primary goal in these lessons is to help each student according to his or her individual needs and goals in regards to singing. You don’t have to aspire to become a professional singer one day to get value out of taking voice lessons. All that is required is a love of singing and a desire to learn. 


  • For students to learn how to sing with a healthier and more efficient singing technique. 
  • For students to gain a greater understanding of the basic mechanics of singing. 
  • For students to learn how to practice their singing technique outside of lessons. 
  • To meet students at their level of experience, helping them to grow in their knowledge of vocal technique, musicianship, and artistry. 
  • To create a safe atmosphere where each student feels free to explore what their voice can do, knowing that mistakes are simply a part of the learning process. 


  •  Students are encouraged to voice any questions or concerns that they may have during their lessons and to communicate what aspects of their singing that they would most like to improve.  
  • Students are expected to come to lessons on time and ready to learn. 
  • Students are expected to follow the studio policies outlined below regarding payment, make-up lessons, etc.

Studio Policies


  • 30 minute lessons: $30
  • 45 minute lessons: $45
  • 60 minute lessons: $60


  • Lesson payments may be made in the form of check, Venmo, or Paypal. 
  • Payments must be made in advance. 


  • Students are expected to give at least 24 hour notice if they need to miss a lesson. 
  • Students are expected to show up to lessons on time. 

Make-up Lessons 

  • The student will be notified as soon as possible if the instructor has a conflict with the agreed upon lesson time, and a make-up lesson will be offered. 
  • Students will also be offered make-up lessons if they have a conflict with their scheduled lesson time and contact the instructor at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson to reschedule. 

Recording lessons 

  • Students are encouraged to audio-record each voice lesson. These recordings can be very useful to students when they are practicing outside of lessons. 


  • It is expected that students will practice their singing on a consistent basis outside of voice lessons.